I’m Bobbi Jo, one of Maggie’s Surfer Girls. She doesn’t like to talk about herself, so I volunteered to give you the real scoop about Maggie and her designs.

Maggie isn’t much of an artist, but she has an awfully good eye for finding fabulous artwork that she licenses from artists all over the world. After all, she found me and my Surfer Girlfriend, Trixie, didn’t she? Anyway, she relentlessly pursues new artwork by prowling around card shops and art shows, and, of course, after a great deal of whining, and a little encouragement by way of paying royalties, gets the artist’s agreement to use their art as needlepoint. Pretty nifty, huh. Not bad for a girl who wears plastic jewelry (Trixie and I prefer the real stuff).

Maggie sure has a good time running her business, and I have to keep reminding her that it’s just a job. She tells me to mind my own bees wax!